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EduBright official portal is registered trademark of EduBright Center located in Jalan Supriyadi 21J Semarang 50198 - Indonesia. All contents are in the public area.

This portal is used a s a portal access for our members to access their TELLMEMORE student portal.

TELLMEMORE is a registered trademark of Aurolog Inc. - France. Authorized distributor in Indonesia is owned by PT Skill Golbalindo Sukses - Jakarta.

You need the following items to access our learning program:
  1. 700 MHz Processor
  2. 192 MB RAM (512 MB for Vista and 7)
  3. Microsoft Windows NT4/2000/XP/Vista 32/64 bits/7 (95/98 minimum)
  4. 30 MB available on hard disk
  5. 16-bit Windows -compatible sound card
  6. 1024 x 768 graphic card, 16 million color display (800 x 600, 65 535 color minimum)
  7. Internet explorer 5 or later version
  8. Player Flash 8.0
  9. Administrator rights required for installation
  10. Speakers or handset
  11. 128Kbps internet/intranet connection
  12. Configurations required for speech recognition
  13. Microphone external / built-in
  14. Installation aurolog componen

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